• 5 Ways to Increase your Engagement

    Looking to increase your engagement on your social media posts? We've tested and tested several ways over the last few years and have come up with five ways to help you increase engagement. Read our top five tips that you can implement in your business straight away.
  • MailChimp 101

    You’ve realised how important building out your mailing list is and you’ve signed up for MailChimp. Good on you! So, where to from here?

    MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms in the world, and with good reason! It’s effortless to use and offers a range of awesome features such as the ability to create custom email campaigns, landing pages and automated email sequences. It’s a fantastic way to pop into your peoples’ inbox, and it allows you to create a list of contacts that belong to you. (No need to worry about contacting your audience should anything happen to social media!)

  • Five Tips to Social Media Success

    Have you tried to use social media only to realise you have no idea how?

    Well good. Well, not good, but it’s ok! You’re in the right place.

    Our biggest mission here at the AM Shop is to make learning fun again. We’re all about helping businesses get out there and do it for themselves. We’ve spent years developing our skills and coming up with content to help other businesses and we want to share our top tips with YOU.

    So, we’re spilling the beans on our top five tips for social media success. We’ll cover everything from what makes up a good social media strategy to how to absolutely own your content so you can start smashing your social media marketing out of the park!

  • 20 Online Tools to help your Biz

    Tools are essential to keeping your business productive and efficient. You can use them for a variety of tasks - social media management, creating lists, team communication, you name it. They take the hassle out of doing things manually and help your brand stay on target, regardless if you’re located in the same place.

    Check out our 20 favourite online tools to help your biz. Most of these tools offer a free (but limited) version so you can give anything a little trial first to see if it works for you.