20 Online Tools to help your Biz

20 Online Tools to help your Biz

Tools are essential to keeping your business productive and efficient. You can use them for a variety of tasks - social media management, creating lists, team communication, you name it. They take the hassle out of doing things manually and help your brand stay on target, regardless if you’re located in the same place.

Check out our 20 favourite online tools to help your biz. Most of these tools offer a free (but limited) version so you can give anything a little trial first to see if it works for you.

20 online tools to help your biz:


Google Drive and Dropbox

You can do SO much with Google Drive and the best thing about it is that you get 15gb of storage FREE. You can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations all directly in google drive, which is great if you haven’t invested in some office software yet.

Google Drive and Dropbox are a good place to keep all your material because they have cloud-based storage, which is an extra assurance that you’re backed-up if anything goes wrong. Once your material is in the cloud, you and anyone else you decide to share a link with can access it and collaborate from any device, anywhere.





Have you ever remembered you received something important but you can’t remember if it came through an email or text message? Slack is the App for team messaging especially if you have lots of staff working on different projects or areas of the business. You can add ‘channels’ of conversation with certain groups of people, so your discussions are automatically organised by topic which makes it easy to look back on old messages. Slack saves you the effort of composing an email and is something quick you can send off your phone or laptop in a few seconds.



Xero and Thank You Payroll

Using online accounting software to do your payroll saves so much time and hassle. Xero is essentially a bookkeeping programme where you can keep track of invoices you’ve sent out, your inventory and your payroll. The payroll part is probably the most useful and takes all the work out of payday, saving you your precious time. There’s a ton of useful features where you can track timesheets, create payslips and can even set up automatic tax payments to keep you legal! You can access these tools from anywhere you have internet.





These productivity management tools are awesome to organise your staff and to know where you’re at with projects, marketing objectives, and to-do lists. A calendar set out in front of you with what everyone's doing and how they are progressing is a great visual aid to help you delegate tasks. This is a great way to increase your productivity and help your staff efficiently manage their time.




Sprout Social and Buffer

Having just one place to respond to messages, comments and tags make it quick and easy to manage your accounts. If you have a busy schedule or you often forget to post things, having a social media management tool can be a lifesaver. You can schedule any upcoming posts for optimal times for all of the popular social media platforms, including blog posts. This not only an incredible time saver but keeps your brand consistent online.

These free apps will generate insights about your social media channels and processes lots of useful data which you can use to improve the content you use for your channels.





One of the best social media accounts to have for your business is Instagram. Literally, EVERYONE uses Instagram for a whole bunch of reasons, letting you share your business with all kinds of people. Instagram is all about visuals, people want to connect with the person behind the brand and know your story.

Using relevant hashtags on Instagram is an awesome way to drive traffic to your website. Just pop what you offer, and your area on a # for one of your photos and anyone who’s A. in your area and B. interested in your service/product will be able to see your account and the link to your website. More people looking at your website will get people talking about your brand and boost your sales.



Small PDF

Small PDF is another free online tool where you can convert and compress PDFs. It’s great because you don’t have to download and install software to your computer and you can access this anywhere you have an internet connection.

Why would you want to compress a PDF?

    • Downloadable content on any of your platforms will download MUCH faster making your site more user-friendly.
    • It will take up less space on your computer and for your downloaders.
    • Emails with smaller PDFs will send faster and download faster which is a win-win! https://smallpdf.com/


    Toggl and MinuteDock

    Apps like Toggl and Minute Dock are all about time management. They track your time spent on certain projects and build a picture of where your time is going. Using these tools will help you use your time more efficiently and get rid of those wasters that are lowering your productivity.

    If you are working on projects for different people, or you are a freelancer these tools can help you keep track of your hours and build a time-sheet.





    On Kami you can pretty much do anything to a document - edit, annotate, free draw, you name it! It’s a really useful tool for getting feedback on your designs because you have some much freedom. You can add written, audio and video feedback within a few minutes. This app is just a simple, easy and quick tool to get really clear feedback to improve your content.



    Adobe Acrobat Reader

    With Adobe Acrobat you can turn any PDF into an editable document. This saves you ALL that time of rewriting a PDF just to add a couple of words or fix a mistake. Editable PDFs are useful if you're making online content that needs to be filled out like forms and contracts. This cuts out the need for scanning and uploading which saves you a bunch of time and also reduces the amount of paper you use! We’re all about doing things that are good for the environment.




    If you are creating websites, downloadable content or sending photos you need to use an image compressor. With Compressor.io you can make the images take up less space but still be good quality. Using compressed images makes your content load faster which makes your page nice and user-friendly. You won't lose those impatient people who move on if a page takes more than a few seconds to load, bringing more traffic to your site.




    Transferring money without bank fees? YES PLEASE! Transferwise is a great tool to cut out the middleman Mr Bank and has great benefits like no bank transactions fees even for international transfers and no exchange rate fees PLUS it’s super fast. You can send, receive and convert currencies for no extra charge, saving time and money for your business.




    A mobile photo editor is essential if that’s where you take most of your images. Being able to edit photos right there and then crosses one more thing off your to-do list. Snapseed is one of the best out there and is totally free. It’s so simple to use and also offers tips and tricks on how to use its tools if you’re just starting out.




    Canva is a free online graphic design tool which is great for beginners. If photoshop seems too complicated, this is the place for you to start playing around. It is so simple, easy to use and provides a heap of templates to get you started. One of the best features of Canva Pro is that it saves your brand's fonts, colours, and templates which helps you create content cohesive with your brand within minutes. Canva also creates content in the right dimensions for Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms making your life SO much easier.



    MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Klaviyo

    These three email marketing services help you manage how you send out promotional emails and to analyse who’s engaging with them. You can set up automated emails to be sent at optimal times for things like order confirmation, birthday messages, and personalised product recommendations. This saves you stacks of time sending emails and their analytics can help you see what promotions are really working for you and what’s being left unopened.





    Last Pass

    An absolute LIFESAVER when it comes to remembering the passwords for all your accounts. Last Pass can either store all your passwords for you in a secure vault, or you can get it to automatically input your details on the login page. This saves you going through that long password reset process every time you forget your login.




    Nothing beats speaking to someone face-to-face, even if you’re miles apart. Zoom video conferencing has great quality sound and video resolution. Zoom works from any location and has heaps of cool features such as screen sharing and letting you host a webinar or a video conference. You can use Zoom from your mobile or desktop. It’s just a really useful communication tool for those who work remotely or have remote clients.




    With Loom you can record your screen while you are shown in the corner narrating what you are doing. Why would you want to do that? To make tutorials and how-to videos of course! Video instructions save hours of typing and make your content really clear and easy to understand. Seeing your little face narrating puts a person to the information and increases engagement with the viewer. Loom videos are so much fun compared to a page of written content!



    Google Forms

    On Google Forms, you can create surveys within minutes to get valuable feedback to improve your business and help it grow. All the information you get back is stored in one place and gets

    processed into a spreadsheet for easy reading. This you of going through the surveys yourself so you can spend more time improving the areas you need to work on and continuing what you’re doing great.




    Anything you upload to social media must be your best work. There’s nothing more distracting than a misspelt word, not to mention it also looks super unprofessional.

    Unlike just the regular old spellcheck that just corrects misspellings, Grammarly also corrects grammar errors, contextual issues, and punctuation. Using Grammarly only takes you a few seconds to copy and paste your writing and a few clicks to correct any mistakes. This saves you getting someone else to read over your work and you can feel confident that what you’re posting is professional and mistake free.


    And there you have it! 20 of our fave tools for your business to flourish online.